Single & Double Flexible Circuits

Single & Double Flexible Circuits

These flexible circuits have the base layer (polyimide) and a single copper conductor. Fabrication specs can be modified or tailored to your requirements. Single-sided flexible circuits maintain a small profile and great conformity so they are excellent for installations in very small spaces. If you want to optimize your space, a single-sided flexible circuit could be your answer.

Double Sided Flex

Double-sided flexible circuits have a different structure, making them more rigid and for use in applications where a single-sided flexible circuits design does not provide the necessary circuit density and layout. The double-sided flexible circuit features the base layer as a core between two adhered copper conductors.

Both of these circuits can be constructed to your specs with various materials and finishes.

double-sided-fpc-3-e1446137622758 single_fpc single-sided-fpc-5 single-sided-fpc-e1446143773841
Item Parameter
Numberof Layers 1-6
Minimum Circuit Width .12″
Minimum Circuit Clearence .12″
Minimum Anular Ring .003″
Minimum Hole .009″
Minumum Copper Thickness 18µm
Maximum Copper Thicknes 70µm
Substrate Thickness Polyimide 12.5µm-50µm
Maximum Board Size 20″ x 31″
Hole Tolerance NPTH +/- .002″
PTH +/- .003″
Circuit/Gap Inner .003″-.004″
Outside .003″-.005″
Outline Tolerance +/-.003
Surface Finish Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
Tin Plating

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