Benefits of Flex Curcuits

Packaging & Miniaturization Solutions

  • Flexible circuit thinness and light weight will enable a substantial packaging size reduction.
  • Flexible circuits allow unique designs which solve interconnection problems.
  • Flexible circuit’s ability to be folded or creased and positioned into the smallest areas makes miniaturization of many devices possible.

Reduction in Cost

  • Thin and flexible polyimide film requires a much smaller area, reducing the packaging size and overall material costs.
  • Flex circuits used as interconnects reduce the number of connections to be soldered.
  • Elimination of connectors and solder joints reduce costs.

Replacement for Wiring

  • Flex circuits are an efficient and cost saving method to eliminate wires and wire harness assemblies.
  • Flex circuit wiring simplifies designs.
  • Flex circuits used to replace wiring reduces the errors common in hand wired assemblies.

High Temperature Applications

  • Flex circuits dissipate heat at a better rate than other dielectric materials.
  • Flexible circuits are consistently reliable in high temperature environments.
  • Expansion and contraction are minimized when using polyimide circuitry.

Weight Reduction

  • Substantial weight reduction is a benefit over wires and wire harnesses.
  • Polyimide films can be as thin as .004 inches in total.

Dynamic Flexing

  • The flexibility of polyimide film makes flex circuits the leading choice for interconnecting movable components.