About Wiring Harnesses

Northpoint Technologies, Inc. is among the nation’s top wire harness manufacturers, specializing in custom-made cable assemblies and custom-made wiring harnesses. As experts in the wiring needs of our customers since 1989, we are more than simple appliance wire harness manufacturers. Unlike other suppliers in the industry, we do not simply take part numbers – we help our customers even without the correct or complete part number. Our team will help identify the parts needed, cross reference from other manufactures, and get the parts (no matter how difficult they are to come by).

As custom wire harness manufacturers, we were founded to do two things:

  1. Deliver industrial supplies specializing in communication wire and cable, equipment, and network cabling products.
  2. Provide VAS value-added services in the engineering and fabrication of custom-made cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Our two greatest strengths are customer service and product knowledge, and it is our mission to provide high quality, failure-proof, and mission-critical systems that are 100% on time, every time.

Northpoint Technologies, Inc. is the only custom made cable assemblies and wire harness assembly manufacturer your business needs.

Our mission is: “To provide customer service with high quality, failure-proof, mission-critical systems, with the highest quality and quick response to their request. We deliver components 100% on time.”


  • Low Tooling Cost
  • Quality of Manufacturing
  • On Time Delivery


  • Heavy Equipment
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Aero Space