Touch Screens You Already Know

4 & 5 Wire Resistive Touch ScreensFrom Austin to Zurich, and all points in between, people worldwide are using Northpoint Technologies’ touch screens. From hand held PDAs to supermarket check-outs, and from assembly lines to operating rooms, we’re with them on a daily basis to provide crisp, consistent displays and reliable equipment. Northpoint Technologies, Inc. is the only touch screen manufacturer and touch screen overlay manufacturer your company needs.

High Quality, Expert Solutions, Affordable!

We’re with you, too. We know that your business is reliant on touch screen products that perform better and cost less. You need a source where innovation and service commingle to provide the best solutions whether that means delivering stock sizes on demand or developing custom designs for your mission-critical applications. You’ll find all of this with Northpoint Technologies, an affordable, high-quality leader in the touch screen industry.

Northpoint Technologies, Inc. manufactures a variety of additional products including flexible circuits, touchscreens and more. For more information, call us at 915-591-6300