Wiring Harness & Custom Assembly

Northpoint Technologies Inc. manufactures electrical wiring harnesses for transportation, industrial and heavy equipment military vehicles, as well as other types of original prototypes and reverse engineering. We take great pride in being flexible and responsive to our customers. Our facility has been manufacturing wiring harnesses for over twenty-five years.

We are dedicated to our customers’ needs and strive to surpass those needs by continuously improving our products through innovation, creativity, and operational expertise.

Our speed and accuracy are topped only by our ability to cross over from one industry to the other, which enhances our continuous improvement efforts. All wiring harness assemblies are manufactured to meet customer specifications supplied drawings and prints.

Our wiring harness assembly services include:

  • Tooling in Various Connectors
  • Braiding if specified
  • Wire Marking and Labeling
  • Built to Specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Automotive
  • Forklifts
  • Transportation
    • Outdoor Use
    • Heavy Equipment Extreme Weather Use
  • Multiple Connection
  • Varying Wire Links
  • Sealed Connections
  • Simple and Complex Routing
  • Packaging for your Assembly
  • Testing
Custom Wiring Harnesses for Sale Custom Wiring Harness Assembly Service wire_harness3

If you need a simple wiring harness assembly or a more complicated wire harness Northpoint Technologies Inc. can help you.