Flexible Circuit Capabilities & Treatments

Besides manufacturing flexible circuits and flexible interconnects, Northpoint Technologies provides all types of assemblies ranging from standard connectors to complete flex circuit assemblies including chip-on-board. Our assembly capabilities have attracted both small and large customers world-wide.

Our customer find having the flexible circuit and assembly done in one location cuts lead times by half and is extremely cost effective. Please contact us regarding your flex circuit and flex interconnect assembly requirements.

Flexible Circuit
Construction Capabilities

  • Single or Double Sided Circuits
  • Multi-layers, 2 to 6 FPC & Rigid Flex
  • Lines and Spaces: Single Sided .002″
  • Double Sided .003-.004”
  • Installation of Connectors, Pins, Contacts, etc.
  • Assembly including SMD
  • Stiffener Supported Areas (using FR-4, Polyamide, Polyester, etc.)
  • Unsupported Fingers
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Controlled impedance
  • Selective Adhesive
  • Shielding, solid or patterned
  • Forming and Creasing
  • Circuits up to 18” x 24”

Surface Treatment &

  • Hard or Soft Gold
  • Hot Air Level (H.A.L.)
  • Carbon Printing
  • Screen Print Solder Mask
  • Tin Plating – Electro-less and Electrolytic
  • Silver
  • Nickel