Cable Assembly

Cable Harness Manufacturers

A cable harness manufacturer like NorthPoint Technologies believes the assembly is only as good as its parts, and this starts with the cable itself. These abilities allow us to create the custom solutions needed in a wide range of industries. We will work with you to meet your design requirements from prints, drawings, schematics or sample prototypes. Our years of experience in cable harness and wire harnesses allow us to build your product to the highest workmanship standards.

A wire harness, also known as a cable harness or wiring assembly, is a grouping of wires, cables, or subassemblies designed to transmit signals or electrical power. A basic wire harness may include as few as three discreet components, while the more classic harnesses include many more wires and other passive, and potentially active, components.

Our customized cable assemblies provide solutions for all market sectors. Northpoint Technologies, Inc. is a wire cable harness manufacturer that services our customers to help achieve their goals through an integrated system of services that will foster a strong and collaborative relationship. We use the highest quality materials, components, and workmanship to design, develop, and manufacture cable assemblies.

Whether it be a custom communication cable on a city bus, proximity sensor in the oil field, or an engine harness for a forklift, we have years of experience in offering wire cable harness manufacturing, appliance wire harness manufacturing and custom wire harness manufacturing to create whatever product you need.

Our Cable Assembly Processing Capabilities Include:

  • Cutting/Stripping
  • Hot Stamp Marking
  • Semi-Automatic Termination
  • Manual Termination
  • Wire Wrap
  • Taping
  • Bar Coding/Labeling
  • Tie Wrapping and Lacing
  • Braiding
  • Loom, Split or Solid
  • Soldering, Resistance Soldering
  • Heat Shrink Tube Application
  • Potted Connectors
  • Heavy Gauge Cable/Battery Cable
  • Shielding
  • Custom Layouts
  • Ribbon Cable Assemblies
  • Networking & Ethernet Assemblies
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