How Flex Circuits Can Help Your Company

How Flex Circuits Can Help Your Company

Flex circuits play an increasingly important role in today’s advanced electronics. These innovative, cutting-edge electrical circuits are essential in many situations. Here’s an overview of flex circuits.

Flexible circuits, which are often referred to by the shortened term flex circuits, are functionally similar to standard printed circuit boards. The key distinctions with flex circuits are that they are lightweight, thin, and flexible. As with printed circuit boards, flex circuits have strips of conductive metal that carry electricity between connections and other electrical components on the board.

The Advantages of Flex Circuits

An obvious advantage of flex circuits is that they are flexible. While electronic devices do not always need to be flexible, there are situations where a flex circuit can facilitate innovative designs. The flexibility of these circuits also means that they can be conformed to fit in irregularly shaped spaces.

Another advantage of flex circuits is their light weight. Traditional printed circuit boards are heavier than flex circuits, and this weight can become an issue with many of today’s electronic devices that are being designed lighter and smaller. Flex circuits may be as much as 70 percent lighter than a comparable printed circuit board.

Flex circuits are also thinner than traditional printed circuit boards. The thin profile of these circuits is also important for compact, modern electronics. Flex circuits may yield space savings of up to 60 percent when compared to printed circuit boards.

Flex circuits provide many advantages over traditional, rigid circuit boards. Design options are improved, while space and weight are able to be reduced. This combination of benefits make flex circuits an ideal option for many modern electronic applications.

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