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PCB with Components Manufacturer

NorthPoint Tech is a PCB assembly manufacturer. We are proud to say that our PCB Manufacturing Company is based in Texas. A few of the services we offer include touch screens, silicone switches, flex circuits, wiring harness and other services.

PCB Prototype Manufacturing-

Let’s discuss what a PCB prototype is before we explain why it’s important to create a PCB prototype manufacturing. PCB (Printed Circuited Boards) is the backbone of all major electronics yet works like the brain by signaling the electricity where to go, bringing your electronics to life. By using a simple machine like a calculator, you use a PCB.

It is common for engineers to design a prototype PCB board prior to manufacturing the PCB for the end products. Sometimes, multiple prototypes are created before the final PCB board is complete. It is imperative to include a prototype into the development of a PCB as the cost of rework is significantly increased if the requirement or board failure is discovered later in the process. It can be common to require functioning prototypes to be manufactured in the same conditions as the final product to ensure the same quality and function are achieved in the end product.

Understanding that a prototype needs to be developed prior to the end product is an important step and there are a few more considerations that will affect your final product such as quality, industries and cost.

Double Layer PCB Manufacturing-

You can also have a double-sided PCB, also known as two-layer PCB is a type of PCB which has conductive copper layers on both sides of the board. Simply put, double sided PCB comes with two sided traces or paths i.e. top layer and bottom layer. The standard thickness of a double layer PCB is 1.57mm.

Benefits of Double Layer PCB Manufacturing-

The main benefit of the double layer PCB manufacturing boards is that you have an extra layer to add more components, which effectively increases the density of the circuit. With more space available of the circuit board, this increases the flexibility of the design, enabling you to place more components and have room for extra connections if needed.

Double layer PCB manufacturing boards tend to use more complex circuitry as there is more space. This means that these boards are perfect for advanced electronics or demanding applications.

Being able to use both sides of the circuit board effectively reduces the size of the board needed. This can be a great cost-saving which makes double layered PCB manufacturing boards less expensive.

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How to Choose the Right Flex PCB Manufacturer

Flexible PCB stands above the rest of PCB options in terms of demand since they find substantial use in an array of electronical devices. Projections show the PCB industry going from 63.1 billion in 2017 to 76.9 billion by 2024. So how do you go about selecting the best flex PCB manufacturer? It is crucial… Continue Reading

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