Flex interconnects are used to connect rigid boards together allowing folding and positioning to solve high-density packaging problems.


Stiffener supported areas (using FR-4, Polyamide, Polyester, etc.) are used to rigidize circuits in component areas. Stiffener frames to assist wave soldering, clips apart and folds into position.


Flex circuits with assembled connectors allow for faster assemblies.

fine_line_smFine Lines

On single-sided circuits, conductor traces and spaces are available in .002”. On double-sided and multi-layer circuits, conductor traces and spaces are available in .003”-.004”.


With increasing concerns with electromagnetic interference and emissions from circuits, shielding to you specifications can reduce these risks.


Placing adhesive in key locations allows improvement in circuit placement and mounting.

pins_smAttachment Pins

Pins can be added as conductor extensions, solder pins or other options.

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